Computers By Joe Services

  In Home tutoring:

 Windows 10, Windows 8, Computer Basics. Email. iMac, iPad, iPhone and Macbook Pro.

Android tablets & smart phones also! You sit in the drivers seat & you learn by controlling the mouse clicks on your computer. I teach using plain English, not complicated terminology.



Remote Access Services 

This program is already on your Microsoft Windows 10 PC computer. You just need to search for Quick Assist in your search window on the bottom left corner of your screen. When the app opens, right click and pin it to your taskbar. Then you schedule a remote visit with me, and I will call you with the code number. You will then will type the 6 digital code number into the window, and click on the Share screen button. I will click on a button on my computer, then I will have access to your mouse. 

                         For the Apple Mac computers and Microsoft Windows 8, I will be using another program that uses the download and install method.        

   Additional Services:

   Rent a Geek. If you are shopping for a new computer or printer contact me for some free advice. Let me know what you are searching for & I will do the research for you. I will then send you an email with my recommendations. The email will include links to the stores that are selling that product. You purchased the items then contact me to schedule an appointment. I will then setup the new devices & show you how to use it.

New computer setup, removal of trialware. Install free virus & malware programs. Install free Office programs. Transfer Documents and Pictures to the new computer.

Safe Setup Service. Quarterly online newsletters keep you informed and for the Tech Savvy DIY (Do It Yourself) I send 6 month emails to remind you to maintain your own computer. Maintenance programs are available (see below).

Maintenance Program: Six month or One Year Computer Checkups - Check Security settings, scan and remove malware infections, install Adobe & other important updates, backup of important files and photos on your backup device, etc.

Gift Certificate. If you have been looking for a unique gift, why not a gift certificate for Tutoring, Computer Repair or Maintenance. Birthday's, Holiday's or any occasion. Gift Certificates are available for Lake County, Florida only. Available Only in communities that I am currently servicing.

Please call 352-449-8561 for an appointment or email me: