Computers By Joe Services

Pull up a Chair Computer Repair.


You learn while I repair and update your computer and devices.


Note, Amazon Echo & Google Home devices require a smart phone or tablet to setup. You can not use a computer to setup the device, you must first add the "app" to your smart phone or tablet then connect the device to the Internet through the "app". 


  In Home tutoring:

 Windows 10, Windows 8, Computer Basics. Email. iMac, iPad, iPhone and Macbook Pro.

Android tablets & smart phones also!


You sit in the drivers seat & you learn by controlling the mouse clicks on your computer. I teach using plain English, not complicated terminology.


   Additional Services:

New computer setup, removal of trialware. Install free virus & malware programs. Install free Office programs. Transfer Documents and Pictures to new computer.

Safe Setup Service. Monthly online newsletters to keep you informed and 6 month emails to remind you to maintain your own computer.

Six month or One Year Computer Checkups - Check Security settings, scan and remove malware infections, install Adobe & Microsoft updates, backup of important files and photos on your backup device, etc.

Gift Certificate. If you have been looking for a unique gift, why not a gift certificate for Tutoring, Computer Repair or Maintenance. Birthday's, Holiday's or any occasion. Gift Certificates are available for Lake County, Florida only. Available Only in communities that I am currently servicing.

Please call 352-449-8561 for an appointment in your home or email me: .